Counting My Blessings #18: Four Seasons in the Inland Empire

I love living in a place that has four seasons. My hometown is now called A City for All Seasons. Sometimes winter moved into this gray time in Kellogg, then summer. Our springs were not quite as memorable as the other three seasons. These new banners hang on street light poles around town to welcome tourists.

Where I live now we get a much earlier spring, a hotter summer, a mild, beautiful autumn and then winter. You never know about winter in the inland empire. It might be cold and icy or wet and snowy. Some years it can't make up her mind what to do. The surprises are another part I love about four seasons. Each season and each year brings unique beauty.

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting,
and autumn a mosaic of them all.
- Stanley Horowitz


  1. For a couple of years many years ago, I lived in California. The lack of the true four-season experience really threw me. I'm with you: four seasons is it.

  2. I, too, am grateful for the beauty of a four season location. I can't imagine living without fall...or winter...or spring...or summer =)


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