Counting My Blessings #15: JEJ

"One does not have to be an angel in order to be saint."
Albert Schweitzer

This week-end we are spending time in my hometown of Kellogg, Idaho. I am thankful for my husband JEJ today because he always helps my mom with chores that need to be done when we visit. Today he cleaned out her gutters that were full of leaves.
Another time he constructed a trellis for her climbing rose when it needed a place to continue to grow.
He also built her raised beds for her garden and today was out fixing a loose board so it would be ready for spring planting. It is nice to have a husband that is also a handyman and I know Mom counts her blessings also when he helps out. I have a friend that always refers to my husband as St. JEJ. The name fits him perfectly!

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  1. definitely blessings like your runined theme too sandy - always love stopping here sandy


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