Counting My Blessings #13: Twenty Mile Road Trips

I love the short road trips we take around our corner of northeastern Washington state. Tuesday we took a car trip across the bridge into Stevens County, then headed south on Highway 25. This is where the Colville River drains into Lake Roosevelt. We looped around and hoped to capture some shots of our house from high on a road across the big lake.The fog definitely got in the way. The fog also muted the bright colors of a grove of autumn trees.I can also find humor in signs like this. How did I know that a falling tree is one that falls (like by the wind), but felling a tree is to cut it down. I guess only trees cut down by loggers are coming down on this highway, versus trees falling from the wind. Go figure. The picnic table by the campground was deserted this rainy day. The carpet of yellow leaves enveloped the table with brightness. We found beauty in rain, fog, and falling leaves on this road trip. I am thankful for places that surround us with such scenic beauty.


  1. lovely misty photos, looks line a wonderful place for a drive

  2. Beautiful pictures.... I love the fog and the mist. How magical is that!?! I love this time of the year!


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