Counting My Blessings 12: Kind Words

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

Mother Teresa
The note and the gift of a Tootsie Roll Pop made me smile today. I am thankful for people that take the time to write kind words, especially my students.


  1. awwww. varry nice. 9:

  2. That was velly velly luberly..


  3. What a sweet note. It makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it. Your students are blessed to have a creative teacher like you in the classroom.

    Do you remember Oprah's "teacher appreciation" shows? I don't know if she does them any more. But one year, after the show, I received a long distance phone call from Alabama. One of my students from "our" middle school had grown up, married, and had kids. After Oprah's show, she tracked me down and we had the most lovely "appreciation" visit (it went both ways).

    Enjoy autumn and the last fragments of warm weather we still have in pockets!


  4. very special.

    - hey, on another note.. I finally read Under the Banner of Heaven. Although I didn't really learn anything new per se (because I already knew of the fallacies and atrocities of the Morman teachings), I was disturbed by Krakauer's attitude a bit. Although I understand his frustration, I certainly could not equate some of his frustration with some other problems inherent in and around Christian churches.. just a thought.. I remember one comment a while back that you hinted at this too.

    I'm thinking of a proper response to Krakauer. I sense that he is a very "good" man, but is missing something that I have.. and how best to relay the message. Pondering.

  5. I loved this note! I have a collection of similar notes. I might throw other things away, but not those! I wouldn't trade teaching for any other profession!


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