Counting My Blessings #11: Our Veterans

As I sat at our school assembly Friday honoring our veterans I was amazed how many young men left Inchelium to go fight the war in Viet Nam. As name after name appeared on the slide show I kept thinking how hard it must have been for those left behind in town that usually never has a senior class of more than twenty students . When one vet got up to speak he choked up talking about how he was treated after coming home to the U.S., but how proud he feels now when he can attend a program in his hometown.

A group of community and staff members are creating a Wall of Honor for all the veterans from Inchelium. It hung proudly as work in progress on the bleachers on Friday. The collage above includes the recently retired principal, a retired teacher and now newly elected county commissioner, a former school board member, and the maintenance man at our school currently. These four Viet Nam veterans got a big applause from our students and staff. I am thankful for all our veterans on this special day to honor them.


  1. I love the wall of honor --- how special to have photos of community people who served.


  2. It is so great that you don't let these people be forgotten. The first thing I received this morning was a thank you from your brother. It made my day and my blog.


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