Counting My Blessing #17: Holiday Cactus

one beginning to bloom at my house

I have written other times about the infamous Christmas Cactus that never seems to bloom at Christmas. I have had these plants bloom at Valentine's Day and also one at Easter. This year must be the year for Thanksgiving Cactus. When I was at my mother's house last week-end hers was also in bloom. It doesn't matter to me what time of year they bloom. Any season or holiday they are beautiful blooming plants. I am blessed to have one to enjoy on my table by the window (botanically known as Schlumbergera or Zygocactus).

another shot of the "Thanksgiving Cactus"
the one at my Mom's house


  1. I love these plants! They are rugged, yet elegant. My mother has to ginormous ones that are more than 20, maybe even 30 years old! That is amazing to me... Enjoy yours!

  2. I just popped up and ran into the living room and checked mine. Sure enough.. some teeny weensie buds starting to form.

  3. Some day....some day my cactus will bloom...I know it will...I know it will.

  4. Oh my, this time last year I bought a little christmas cactus as we call them over here, like the one in your photo..... I bought a red one, and I potted it on a few months ago, and this week its just coming into bloom.....BUT GUESS WHAT.... the weirdest thing EVER..... this year the blooms are PINK, bloody pink, not red like last year WHAT THE DEVIL is that about??? it WAS red last year cos I have photos of it and now this year its pink....

    ITS A SIGN, a sign of what or from whom I dont know, but it is lol



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