Sibling Assignment #79: Well... Scratch my Yahtzee!

I assigned the sibling assignment this week. " Many hours of our childhood were spent playing games. Share a memory that involved playing a game(es)." You will soon find Raymond Pert's here and Silver Valley Girl's post about childhood memories is here.

Games were a competitive sport at our house while growing up. There were a few angry stares when someone was sent back to home playing
Sorry. Many times I never got out of first grade in Go To the Head of the Class. Some family members were known to hide a dictionary in the bathroom during a Scrabble game and would need to go quickly to the bathroom during the last few plays with a Q, Z and X on their letter tray. Whether is was dreaming of being Miss Scarlett in Clue, or always getting the hat as a mover in Monopoly many summer afternoons and winter evenings were spent playing games.

One game that was a favorite at our house was Yahtzee. At least with this game it was more a game of chance. I didn't have to name all the countries in Europe to get out of the First Grade in Go To the Head of the Class or know every word you can use with a Z and a Q to make a play in Scrabble. It was the shake of five dice. There was some strategy in where to place your points which let to high anxiety or anticipation as our family sat around the table and played.
If you couldn't fill a slot as the game was getting closer to the end, you had to scratch one play. That is where the infamous line "Scratch my Yahtzee" came about in our house. We loved it when our dad played games with us. It was a rare event that he had time or the patience to sit around the table with us. He used to play serious. No dice rolling on the floor, no do-overs, just pure and simple dice shaking. He would light a cigarette, pour himself a beer and get serious about his game. He used to make us laugh when he would blow on the dice container or rub it under his armpits for good luck. As the game progressed he was always famous for yelling " Well... scratch my Yahtzee". We thought that was hilarious. That tradition has passed down to the next generation in the family. The nieces joined us playing this game around the same kitchen table at my Mom's house. We soon had them reciting our famous family line. One time when all of use played The Princess started a new routine by putting up her hands up like she was holding up the roof chanting, " The Roof, The Roof, The roof is on fire." That evening everyone chanted that phrase. Whether is was shaking dice under the armpit, scratching Yahtzees, or being crowned the winner of the game, many hours have been spent playing games in our family. It still continues with the Apples to Apples, Scattegories, and UNO being family favorites. For us the family that plays board games together definitely laughs together. We have all at one time or another had to scratch our Yahtzee.


  1. I loved this assignment... It was such fun to read! Yatzee was the only game I remember ever playing with my Dad.

    If it hadn't been at Grandma & Grandpa's house, were I lived, he would have had a cigarette and a beer too! He's the one who taught me to blow on the dice for luck. I think our Dad's would have had a great time together.

    Oh, and thank you for your nice comments when you visited my blog!

  2. we played some Yahtzee, but more often we played Monopoly.
    Right now Dominoes is my favorite.


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