A Place Worth a Visit: Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars

Part of the purpose of the road trip Saturday was to stop to hike and snap some photos at the Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars. It is located by the Washington-Idaho state line about fourteen miles north of Nordman, Idaho close to Priest Lake. We went over the mountain road from Sullivan Lake which was definitely the scenic route!
The Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars was visited by a forester in 1919. His analysis of the area showed that the trees averaged 800 years of age, while many exceeded 2000 years. On his recommendation, the area was set aside as a scenic area in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt in 1943. It has been a preserve ever since.
It was a quiet day at the grove. We were joined by a few other hikers. Here Annie and Shelby are trying to lead JEJ to the next viewpoint. Views of Granite Falls make the trip worthwhile as hikers move along the viewpoint trail from the upper grove.If you are in this area, it is worth a stop. There are lots of spots to stop and take pictures along the trail.This was our first time stopping in the fall and the area had a whole new beauty with the leaves turning and the weather much cooler. Moisture kept the moss along the sides of the hill green and lush.


  1. Now that's a place I could visit with no problem.

  2. sallyacious15.10.08

    I needed a vacation, and I actually feel more rested now after just reading this post. Thank you.

  3. We were there over Labor Day. Hard to believe those trees were growing and thriving long before Michelangelo and da Vinci changed the world forever. Before Shakespeare wrote the words we still pore over and argue the meaning. I can think of so many vital things that have happened in the last 800 years and the cedars of North Idaho were silent witness to them all.

  4. Did you go to Sherman Alexie tonight? Was that you who told him about her kids in the classroom?

  5. Someday Jbelle we are going to be at the same place at the same time and be pointing our cameras at each other! The Cedar grove... Green Bluff... an author talk! I couldn't make it tonight to Spokane, but I have heard Sherman speak numerous times. He has been at our school and met the kids, but I haven't told him about the kids in my classroom recently. Did you go?


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