Moving Inside

It is that time of year when our living moves inside. It is a bit too wet and damp to sit in the garden and too dark to even enjoy our surroundings on the deck for dinner. Today was a warm socks sweater day. It was a day when flip flops were put away, students arrived in with heavier sweatshirts, and less pairs of shorts were spotted in the hallway.
The cats always have a natural moving inside ritual also. Kit found the warm fire and decided that was the place to take a nap. It doesn't take much to keep a cat happy. Isabelle is close to the warmth also on the back of the chair. The dogs also love that ritual of leaving the outside behind.

The natural rhythm of the season coaxes us to crave the warmth of a fire, mix up a pot of hearty soup, and sip a warm mug of tea. Moving inside is part of that rhythm and my soul tells me it is time.


  1. It IS time, isn't it?

  2. sallyacious6.10.08

    It does feel that way. Makes me sad. I hadn't had quite enough of the shorts and t-shirts weather.

    We have one cat who lays in front of the fire and then turns herself over when she gets too warm. Just to make sure she's done evenly, I guess.

  3. Aw, precious photos... I just love this time of the year!

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog... it's good to be back, it may be just little bit at a time but I'm just happy to be here!


  4. Just reading this post made me feel warm and cozy. Love the photos!

    BTW, I Tagged You. Come See.

    Nita Jo


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