I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain

In the case of today it was first the rain and then the fire. Since the trees went down at the end of July the slash that remained has sat where we usually park. It was too dry for so long to burn. The last few days we have been blessed with much needed rain. The slash pile has been getting drier and drier plus it didn't add much to the whole landscaping scheme around the place!!JEJ decided this evening it was time for a bonfire! I had never had a big Homecoming-like bonfire in my own driveway. I also had never really experimented with taking pictures of fire. It was a nice break from reading essays earlier this evening. The coals here look perfect for some really big marshmallows! He made a dent in the pile tonight. If it keeps raining maybe I will get to do another fire series of photo images!!

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  1. I like your fire pictures! They're very cool (or hot, I guess!). I know what you mean about being almost too busy to visit blogs. I've been struggling with that, too. It's a good busy, but some favorite things fall by the wayside sometimes as a result...


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