Making Grape Jam in Record Time

We had harvested our grapes over a week ago and knew we needed to get some jam made soon. I discovered yesterday we didn't have enough of the supplies so today when I got home from school we were ready to take on the task!JEJ was a big help when it came to cleaning the grapes off the stems and running them through the food mill. I work well with the cooking and canning part. We didn't get concord grapes when we first began growing grapes, so I have learned to put just a cup of 100% grape juice in with the reddish colored grapes and it gives the jam that deeper, richer color and flavor.

Together we were quite a team today. We were able to finish 30 jars of grape jam in two hours today! One more task to check of the "to do " list. I love the way grape jam smells as it is bubbling on the stove. The jars also look so pretty when the light catches them on the counter. Maybe I will just leave them out for a few weeks and enjoy the colorful display!!


  1. Wow you did good! My mom makes jam and preserves and all that .. I have yet to do it, but one day ..

  2. I made oodles of concord jelly (I'm going to give some away)

    There are still some hanging out there on the arbor -- hope the birds enjoy them.

    what kind of grapes are those? very pretty.

  3. Im mega impressed :)

    now you just need to make little gingham hat covers for them and sell them on little tables out the front of your house lol


  4. Oh, that takes me back! Grandpa loved his grape vines. Every autumn there was the picking of the grapes, and the making of the juice and jam. Grandma was the "jamstress" (I think that's a Gilmorism...) and it was so good! These days it's Welchs for us...

  5. bringing me lots of memories


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