A Day Filled With Birthday Blessings

"Birthdays are filled with yesterday’s memories, today’s joys, and tomorrow’s dreams." Anon.
Today JEJ and I hosted a gathering to celebrate our friend GH's birthday. A circle of friends came for Sunday dinner and GH's special day was filled with good food, big laughs, great conversation, and a traditional toast for our friend and neighbor.
I only had two birthday candles so GH got to decide if he wanted to be three, seven, thirty-seven, or seventy-three years old today. I didn't have the right candles for his real age. He wanted to be thirty-seven today as we lit the candles and sang "Happy Birthday". He requested an apple pie with sliced sharp cheese on the side as his birthday dessert. I also made a Williamsburg Orange Cake (recipe to follow tomorrow). How can you have a birthday party without a cake ? It was fun to plan a dinner for our dear friend. Friends also contributed amazing food and wine and he loved the whole meal. His wife and our close friend died a few years ago, but fond memories of SH are always cherished at a gathering like this by the people that knew her.

MM,GH, and JEJ stopped to pose before dinner began.

As the celebration came to a close I loaded GH up with a leftover dinner and his collection of wonderful gifts. He confessed as he left that he also loved orange cake, but didn't have room for two desserts! I suggested he take a slice home to enjoy later. He didn't argue for a second.


  1. What a caring loving friend you truely are..... it all looks great fun and so scrummie ....


  2. Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration.

  3. It all looks very inviting!

  4. he must have great will power. I certainly would have eaten both.

    I remember my much older cousin having a slice of sharp cheddar with his apple pie (heated slightly)... and thinking "how weird"

    but I married a man who also enjoys it.

  5. Thanks for the comments. Yes, it was a wonderful day. I was a bit too full to try dessert so I guess I better try that apple pie cheese combo sometime.


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