Dad...This One if For You!

I am remembering my dad today on his birthday. If he was with us today he would be ecstatic over the idea that we could bring the singers he loved into the living room on a computer screen crooning his favorite songs. This one is for you Dad... I will play "Misty" for you.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dad.... goodness how you all look like him.... if he had been around now he would have thought he was looking in the mirror everytime you all came face to face lol


  2. Makes me miss my dad too. Sometimes he talks to me through his old songs. They pop into my head and I sign them out loud.

  3. Oh, what a nice birthday song in remembrance of your dad. Love Misty. And, that's a wonderful picture of him. Thanks for sharing his birthday with us. Hope it was a beautiful day for you.

    Nita Jo


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