Crazy Teacher on Crazy Hair Day

When you work in a K-12 school everyone gets to enjoy the special events surrounding Homecoming, Halloween, Veteran's Day, the school carnival, and Christmas . As we wind down Homecoming Spirit Week with the football game and Halloween parade and program tomorrow, I must admit it has been a week full of nutty outfits, goofy props, and crazy hair. I think some learning has also gone on. I usually display a conservative dress code at school... except on Crazy Hair Day. This teacher went a bit crazy today. At least my wig comes off. I wouldn't want to be FC tonight as she tries to get this hair back to normal!!


  1. I LOVE how FC has put those great grey highlights in her hair, they almost look natural LOL


  2. I love these shots. What fun.

  3. Yes, FC did look pretty natural... the next day her hair was black for Halloween!


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