26 Things Challenge

I found a photo challenge on this site here called the 26 Things Challenge. Each participant is to take a picture for each letter of the alphabet. I found this challenge an excellent way to revisit photos I have taken over the last year.

A is for apples from Sherman Creek Orchard up the road. B is for the beach at Priest Lake. C is for my church on Lake Ellen Road. D is for dog... this time Shelby our Australian Cattle Dog.

E is for evening on Highway 395 by Kettle Falls.F is for flowers that always make a colorful bouquet. G is for greenhouse which keeps our plants blooming through the winter. H is for hydrangea and in this case an oak leaf with its leaf color changed for the fall. I is for iris, a vivid memory from late spring. J is for Jack Frost who hit our garden vegetables a few weeks ago . K is for Kit and you can find him just about anywhere around the house.L is for lily that filled the air with beauty and fragrance throughout the summer. M is for morning glory, which illuminated the garden with its vivid blue hue. N is for nieces as they posed at Grand Coulee Dam is August.
O is for orchard that grows many varieties of fruit close to home.
P is for the Palouse during the harvest when the combine dusted the highway.

Q is for quiet, which is why we enjoy the hike around Swan Lake in the spring.
R is for rainbow, which appeared over Lake Roosevelt east of our house.
S is for Sullivan Lake with views that always provide many photo ops on a road trip over Tiger Highway.

T is for Tiger Store, an interesting historic place we stopped on our road trip a few weeks ago.
U is for Uniontown, Washington where I stopped to visit this Artisan Barn on a trip home in June.

V is for vine and in this case the strong ones that hold grapes.
W is for winter, that has a tranquil beauty all its own.
X is for an "xtreme" sunrise I caught at Lake Chelan in April.

Y is for yellow sunflowers that brightened up the cutting garden late in the summer.
Z is for Z2, my niece that taught me a few lessons on photography as we went on a photo trip in July.


  1. What a wonderful challenge... it was neat walking through your past photos along the alphabet letters... some amazing photographs.
    That was fun!

  2. your photos are fabulous and I liked how you had one for each letter.. you are truly poetic.

  3. What a great photo challenge. I loved all the pictures you chose. Great post.

  4. I loved O for Orchards! And L for Lily. I loved the collection of all the things about your road trips and garden and family that touch you. I really liked this post.

  5. a wonderful trip thru the alphabet!!

  6. Beautiful photos! Love the alphabet idea.

  7. Great photos for the challenge! I might have to try this one sometime.

  8. You always have lovely photos on your blog. I feel that I have come to know your area better than that of any other blogger that I read. I hope someday to be able to visit there. You capture it beautifully along with your flowers and animals and other places in your life.


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