A Treasure Close to Home: Sherman Creek Orchard

I did a post on Sherman Creek Orchard the first spring I began blogging. You can find it here. This orchard is right up the road from my house and it stretches close to Lake Roosevelt on the western shore. On the last blog post I did pictures in the spring so this time I wanted to capture harvest time in late summer. The warehouse is full of plums, prunes, the last of the peaches, early apples, pears, and nectarines. I wanted peaches to make a pie yesterday, but came home with a mix of late summer fruit. Right now there are lots of pears ready to buy. In a few weeks more and more different bins of apples will fill the warehouse. It is never a question of how many apples to buy, but what kinds are the best for what purpose! I am glad they have lists and charts because I begin to get a bit confused with so many different varieties. As I drove down the dirt road I had to stop and look closely at the pear trees just full of fruit. These pears were ripening nicely in the early September sun. Sherman Creek Orchard is certainly a treasure I love to visit close to home. It is owned by Rich and Lisa Robinson and it located at 32 Apple Tree Drive, Kettle Falls, WA.


  1. it looks a wonderful place, i love picking fruit fresh from the trees...

  2. Anonymous9.9.08

    I love your post. I like going to Cider Mills and Apple Orchards. It's my favorite part of fall.

  3. Great post and so wonderful to have an orchard like that close by. I also love your jar of buttons and the poem you posted in the next post.


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