Sunset and Harvest Time

The area south of Spokane, Washington is called The Palouse. Surrounding the central towns of Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington are miles and miles of farmland and small communities that rely on these crops as their livelihood. Any season of the year the drive takes on its own beauty, but last night I caught a harvest sunset and images created by combines in the wheat fields at dusk. The crop dust created an eerie, foggy look as I headed south on the highway. Another true sign we are heading into the new season. Darkness is falling so much earlier again!


  1. sallyacious19.9.08

    Gorgeous shots! I especially like the crop dust image.

    What were you doing so far south on a school night, young lady?

  2. that's crop dusting mist? there's something a bit sinister to that, hope it doesn't turn out its toxic....

    the sunset shots are gorgeous...


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