Sink Full of Flowers

This is why I love this time of year. I decided to harvest flowers from garden beds around the gardens today to create some bouquets. In September the sunflowers are vivid yellow, the asters begin to bloom, the Autumn Joy sedum brightens up the yard, and today I even found a sweet pea that came up from seed in a planter!

That is also why I dread frost. So many of these blooms will wither up and die quickly. This harvest of flowers cooled in the sink in preparation of arranging them. In my haste to clean up, I forgot to take pictures of the final displays... I better do that tomorrow before they are carted off to school.


  1. oh can I borrow it for book club??? I'll give it right back! I promise....


  2. Beautiful truely beautiful.....

    JBelle the love/prey/whatever bookclub book I only took back to the library last week with a $76 fine LMFAO..... I sorta mumbled how it had been difficult to return them do to in and out of hospital and did she wanna see me scars.... SHE ONLY WAIVED me fine :)....

    Going to see whats in me garden to harvest LOL....


  3. WOW... I can't believe the explosion of colors you have harvested here! Amazing!
    Mountain Retreat

  4. Anonymous18.9.08

    Your flowers are so beautiful! Mine have already lost the vibrant color they had in last month. It's nice you can take them to school and enjoy them all day.


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