Sibling Assignment #74: Saying Good-bye to Summer

I gave the sibling assignment this week. " As autumn approaches think of a perfect fall day you have experienced. Using words and pictures recapture that day." Raymond Pert's will be here and Silver Valley Girl's will be here soon.

Today was the eve of another first day of fall. What made it a perfect fall day?
The weather had cooled down with a recent rain, yet the vegetable garden is still flourishing.
The leaves on the maple in the garden has begun to turn orange.
It was the first time this summer it was wet enough to build a fire and eat dinner in the gazebo. It was also the first time we didn't have bees or flies or both!
Isabelle sits closer because she likes the warmth of the fire also.
What else made this a perfect fall day? After being gone for three days I got to sit in a cool, peaceful setting with JEJ, the dogs and the cats. Happy First Day of Fall tomorrow everyone!


  1. I love watching cats sleep. Your gazebo looks like a place where I could lose hour after hour in some solitary pursuit. Wonderful pictures!

  2. The leaves in the mountains are just starting to turn. We plan another visit this weekend. When will we ever get anything done around here!

  3. Oh my gracious, you have a fireplace in your garden?? dam, dam, dam, you doodles have such great things.....


  4. A lovely spot for a fireplace! It looks incredibly cozy and creates a big smile!

  5. Those are gorgeous shots and a beautiful post. You have such a lovely environment.

  6. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. My husband bought an old outdoor fireplace cheap, found the glass at a second hand store and built the rock around it. We love it and I think the whole thing cost about bucks. Priceless!


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