Post #700 : Bright Blooms, Bargain Books, and Blue Cookies at the Bakery

The flowers blooming in front of the courthouse.

My first blog post was entitled "Four Seasons in the Inland Empire" and I explained many of the joys of living in this part of the northwest. Today for #700 I experienced inland empire joy again in Colville, Washington. It is the largest of the towns in our area. It has many historic buildings and two of my favorites are the Stevens County Courthouse and the Colville Public Library. The courthouse from spring through fall has eye catching displays of blooming flowers. Today it was giant mum-like marigolds that were brightening up the whole area in front.
Across the street is the Colville Public Library. Today was my first time attending one of the book sales held the basement of the library. I learned that it is important to come early and bring your own canvas bags. There was a line weaving up the stairs when I arrived and it had been that way since they opened an hour before. Only so many people enter at a time because of the size of the room. It was worth the wait. The sale had an amazing selection and all paperbacks were 50 cents and hardbacks a dollar. I found books for JEJ, myself, my students, and some poetry books to add to my growing collection. The Friends of the Library have this sale about four times a year and take donations of books all year. It is a great way to recycle books and support the library.
I finally took time also to visit our newest bakery today. JEJ had to find some tool part at the hardware store and the bakery was across the street. That was an easy decision to make. Heather's Fairy Tale Bakery is also located in Colville and I walked in to an appetizing display of cakes, cookies, bars, European pastries, and breads. Locally roasted coffee and free wireless are also available. We will definitely return to this spot another day. They always have free samples of many of their wonderful pastries and bread. I just love the door they chose for the entrance. Silver Valley Girl... they did have baklava also! I came home with fresh baked oatmeal bread, almond biscotti, and a wonderful French plum tart slice.I look forward to having another pile of books to read. Mary Clearman Blew is an Inland Empire author and instructor at the University of Idaho and I have always wanted to read these two memoirs.

Visiting these places today made a Saturday errand trip to town even more enjoyable. If you are from the area or visiting soon, stop in at Heather's Fairy Tale Bakery. Just seeing the cookies for the two political parties frosted in red and blue with the names of the candidates piped in white frosting is worth the trip. The worker said the red Republican cookies are selling the most, but the woman in front of me decided it was only because people don't want cookies with blue frosting!! I settled for the yummy plum tart.


  1. I was just there! Did not know about Heather's! waaaaah!

  2. What a lovely and rewarding day. I enjoy the Friends of the Library book sales as well. Ours is next week and it on my calendar! And yum, what a beautiful bakery and a pretty town!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Out of Africa is one of my all-time favorite books. I've read and re-read it many times. It's beautifully written...

    (It got mixed reviews from my Honors English class last year, though, much to my dismay!)

  4. fresh new day fresh new books and tastes. heavenly sandy


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