The Miracle of Mums

There is nothing that says autumn like mums. Chrysanthemums come in such a variety of colors. They will bloom even after frost hits. They are one of the longest lasting flowers in a bouquet. They look great whatever the size or color. They really are a miracle perennial. I still have mums that I carried with me from Kennewick, to a temporary apartment, then on to be planted at this house. They are still with me.
If you are a novice gardener and want something that can be easily grown in the inland empire climate zones, buy chrysanthemums. You can go out right now and purchase them for a reasonable price at garden centers and you have instant color that will return next year. I have moved, pinched, divided, and stepped on mums ( on accident) and they still look great.
The kind you see here are called Chrysanthemum morifolium.
" C. morifolium encompasses all the varied plants collectively knows as florists' mums. They're the mainstay of the autumn-blooming perennial show- both in garden borders and in containers-not only because of their ease of culture and profusion of bloom but also because they are the most varied and versatile of mums, available in many forms, colors, sizes, and growth habits." Perennials, Sunset Publishers.
They love sun, regular water, and good well-drained soil. For other Sunday Scribblings on miracle go here.


  1. Your blog makes me want to come sit in your yard. Our garden is showing signs of fall but I had forgotten about mums. I must go find some. ;)

  2. Just love mums, but I have never been able to winter them over -- lovely shots that you took of them. BTW, I made your Zucchini Bread Plus recipe, except I made it in a 9 x 13 pan (I guess that would make it a Zucchini Bread Cake Plus, eh?) and it lasted all of a day and a half. Oh, well, it's not like I don't have 15 more zucchinis that I shred!!

  3. Oh, I really like mums. I used to have an outdoor patio garden and I really did love how long my mums lasted. I miss those chilly mornings, sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee and the last of the morning quiet. Thank you.

  4. The colors are amazing! I love mums, too, and you've given me the incentive to get some. Thanks!

  5. you inspired me! I have grown them off and on but currently, don't grow them. I'm gonna get some! have a super week....

  6. Beautiful! They look like dessert!

  7. What gorgeous photos of delectable flowers, each clump in itself like a beautiful bouquet! They don't adapt too well to my climate, so thank you for sharing.


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