Lessons Learned from My Students

My eighth grade students have been working since school started on how to present speeches. We studied diction, using expression, projection, and how to avoid"fillers". Students could speak on any topic, but many chose to teach us something. As always, I am constantly learning from my students. This week I was taught not only how to use an X Box, but how to play Madden Football. I have to admit after watching that speech I can understand how kids like this video game. Everyone really got into cheering for their favorite teams.
It was also a week for learning dances. Two students decided we needed to be exposed to the chicken dance. They explained that it was a really old dance from back in the teacher's day. ( minus 20 points... lol)They felt it was important for everyone to learn it. The picture really caught the tempo of the two girls' moves as they twirled around.I had watched the native Owl Dance and Jingle Dance, but had never really learned the steps. AM demonstrated how to do the Owl Dance with a partner volunteer. It is tradition that girls ask boys to join them in this dance. She also showed all of us the fancy steps involved in the Jingle Dance. Her white moccasins seemed to make her lighter on her feet. I think a few of us needed moccasins!! We also were introduced to the newer version of PowerPoint today. I can't wait until tomorrow when I will learn how to work the Wii Rock Band Drum Set, how to do yoga, make mac and cheese, and play with a hacky sack.
Later at break another group of boys showed me the art and science of kicking a football. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?


  1. Fun, fun, fun! What a wonderfully interactive way to start the school year! I'm eager to hear about tomorrow's presentations!


  2. The parents should see and hear these demonstration. Priceless!

  3. never heard of jingle or owl - chicken yes..skptkex


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