A Garden Tour and Just Being Friends

The ripe,red apples hang over the front entrance of my friend Elinor's house, forming an arch.

Just Being Friends

"Friendship happens in that special moment
when someone reaches out to another,
trusts, comforts, believes in another,
and makes a special difference
that no one else can make". Anon.

I love this creamy yellow and white dahlia that was blooming in the back yard.

Last week I spent time with my friend Elinor as we celebrated her retirement from the Northwest Inland Writing Project. I also joyfully toured her gardens on Saturday and captured the beauty of her late summer flowers and one special tree in some photos.

I got to enjoy double hollyhocks,
single hollyhocks in a beautiful pink,
brightly colored daliahs,
and Mr. Lincoln himself.


  1. What a splendid garden tour. I enjoyed all the shots and also the poem on friendship.

  2. What a lovely garden.....

    When we first moved into our little cottage all those years ago.... my now X worked for his fathers nursery business, I remember it was a crap wage, and I worked for the ministry of defence and earnt twice as much as he did at the time...... the old couple that lived in the house next door had let there long thin garden become very overgrown, so we asked them if we could dig it over and use it to grow things in.... they jumped at the chance, and so we dug it over, it took days cos it had not been touched for years...... and we planted over 200 dahlia plants, well the tubers...... all varieties..... and when they grew we would go out every morning and cut them and sell at his fathers nursery as cut flowers, it was just a way of subsidizing our income...... I will have to dig out the old photos of all the dahlias growing..... the more flowers we cut the more they grew :0) - it was hard work digging up all the tubers and drying and storing at the end of the summer though...... all that to survive, no one can say I aint shy of hard work LOL.......


  3. Anonymous26.9.08

    Your pictures are amazing. The flowers are so beautiful!

  4. This is such a happy, peaceful place. I just love to come here and look around--see what you're up to, see how your day was. :) yuuum.

  5. carver: i was just so glad i got to see her garden. usually i am never in moscow during the fall.
    marmite: we have a woman here at farmer's market that sells dahlias also. you are right... they are a lot of work! i just don't have good luck with them here. sigh.
    thanks charlie: it was just the right time of day to catch these flowers.
    jbelle: thanks. sometimes i visit my own blog to find some peace after a hectic day. this tour inspired me to think about growing dahlias again. sigh.


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