Garden Gate Growers Fall Plant Sale: A Perfect Sunday Outing

plants on display at The Garden Gate Growers fall sale.

The Garden Gate Growers wholesale perennial nursery has been in operation for over ten years up the Inchelium Highway from our house. Todd and Lisa Kowitz open their nursery in May and September each year to the public. Their fall sale is when the perennials and ornamental grasses are at clearance prices and this is also a great time of year to plant perennials. We know when we purchase plants from Todd and Lisa they will be hardy for the area, healthy, and long-lasting. JEJ and I both look forward to the sales each year. If you are a beginning gardener there are resource books on display and Todd and Lisa share a wealth of knowledge about growing plants around the inland northwest. You can relax a bit and have coffee and homemade cookies as you ponder which plants you need and can ponder some more about which plants you just want!Now you can see why it is my favorite place around the area to shop! Yesterday I was looking for some new colors of sedum and a few hostas. After finding those I had to have another Russian sage and a lovely deep pink campanula. JEJ loves growing different varieties of ornamental grasses and that is one of Todd's specialties. I think JEJ would add more grasses to our gardens if he didn't have to negotiate with me for space in the flower beds! He is outside now trying to figure out the best locations for his new collection of ornamental grasses. Having those trees removed in August created a few more places to plant.If you want more information on the plants available at the Garden Gate Growers during their sales you can go here. The spring sale is always Mother's Day week-end and the fall sale the second week-end in September. For the rest of the growing season these healthy perennials and ornamental grasses can be found in plant nurseries around the inland empire. You can find out about the wholesale nursery itself and contact information here.
As we left the sale I paused to appreciate the view from their driveway. You can see our Garden Valley Church surrounded by trees to the right and a lovely combination of mountains and sky to top off a perfect Sunday outing.


  1. a perennial nursery.
    so when does the sale end. (:
    I could go crazy there.

  2. :) I went to our favourite nursery last week.... dont it just make the most best afternoon/morning out..... except the views from your nursery are stunning..... Im a little envious that you live in such a beautiful place..

    When I was married, we use to own our own little perennial and alpine nursery, I so miss it, the nursery that is NOT the marriage lol


  3. I was in heaven reading this post. And I wanted to be there at the sale soooo bad. But it was enough to read and see, espcially at the end, with the open gate. siiiigh. :)


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