Camera Critters: Our Newest Church Member

No, we didn't get another dog. I have to say though if I would have seen this cute puppy at the feed store with a sign that said FREE I would definitely have been tempted to take him home. Fields was left out in a field and brought to the feed store by the rescuer. One of our church members brought this 8-week-old puppy home to a better place.
He decided he was ready to listen to the gospel when he jumped out the window of the van during adult Sunday School and trotted up the aisle to meet the pastor. He did chime in on the worship songs with his own singing from the van. Later he was invited to join the other children in Sunday School by the teacher MS above.
I had JEJ hold him for one more picture before coffee hour was over. The vet thought Fields was perhaps part cocker spaniel and part Australian shepherd. He could have also been named Camo because of the way the colors are marked on his fur.

None of us really cared about the breed, but felt blessed today that Fields found a good home with Flossie and all of us could share in welcoming him to the church family. To find other Camera Critters go here.


  1. Oh he's SO cute!!! Glad to hear he found a good home.

  2. Anonymous14.9.08

    What a sweet little face! He's adorable! I am so glad he found a home.

  3. Such a sweet looking dog! Definitely some red merle aussie in his background.

  4. oh my, I would of fallen in love with that little puppy and he would be living with us by now if I had seen him first lol........

    Aint he just the prettiest little thing.....

    So glad he has found a good and lovely family ...


  5. A story for a kids book for sure.
    I love it.

  6. What a cutie!! Too bad you guys didn't find it first. I would have loved to have this dog in the family.

  7. Oh my gosh!!! What a little doll! I would have definitely taken him home ;-)

  8. He is so beautiful! I would have taken him home too. I'm glad he's got a caring home. I would have loved to hear him "singing" along!

  9. That's a beautiful pup. I don't understand how anyone could have abanonded him. I'm glad he has a great new home.


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