A View from the Front Porch

The location of the house where I grew up in Kellogg, Idaho always provided a perfect view of spectacular sunsets. Where I live now the sun falls behind some trees before we ever see a sunset. I miss sunsets. Standing on the front porch of my childhood home last night I was able to capture these images of a sunset. When I look west at sundown it is still hard for me to get used to not seeing the Bunker Hill Smelter on the hill or the big smokestack with lights blinking every night. It is a much more peaceful view now. The air is much fresher. The colors seem more vivid in the western sky. As the evening began to cool the front porch had the best view in the house!


  1. Those are beautiful sunsets. I also love the embroidery. Your stories about your family are always so touching to me. I am sorry for your family's loss but it sounds like your cousin had a long full life.

  2. Such beautiful sunsets. I can see why you miss them! I love sunsets, too...they are soothing somehow...


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