Then and Now: Tons of Good Times

Z2, the Princess, and Kiki Aru

Seven years ago JEJ and I took our nieces The Princess, Z2 and Kiki Aru on a trip to Grand Coulee Dam in eastern Washington state. At a viewing area near the dam is a statue of a worker sitting on a bench playing the guitar with his two children listening. It was a perfect place to take a picture of my nieces. Above is a picture from seven years ago.

The last two days they took another trip with their parents to Grand Coulee Dam. I asked them to find that statue and pose again so I could have a then and now picture. My nieces are well -versed at posing for pictures on demand. Here they are today.
In a few weeks Z2 will start high school,
Kiki Aru seventh grade, and the Princess will begin college.

You can see our three cute traveling companions have developed into three beautiful young women and look like they are having a great time again today.

We loved being able to spend this evening with the whole family. We heard about their horseback ride today, enjoyed looking at their pictures, and dug out old photos of trips through the years and remembered and laughed over tons of good times.


  1. I like to Blurf around commenting in verse on other peoples' Blogs.
    Here's my silly little offering for the mother of three lovely daughters!


    There's a subtle change of expression
    On the faces made of stone.
    If I hadn't viewed them closely
    I don't think I'd have known.
    Look carefully, in former years
    They're saying, I can see,
    'Why are these horrible chidren here,
    Crawling all over me?'
    But look at the recent expressions!
    Now the childishness has gone,
    It's really rather pleasant
    Just being sat upon.
    'Three lovely girls! Terrific!
    Thankyou for dropping by!
    You're absolutely lovely,
    So easy on the eye!'
    What a difference the years make!
    If I chanced to take MY ease,
    Resting my poor arthritic bones
    On these very selfsame knees,
    The expression would be sour,
    They'd sure be stony-faced,
    They'd view me as a burden
    They would quickly want replaced!

  2. well, anything I had to say just vaporized as the verse permeates the air. Two special surprises at Mrs. Roosevelt's this morning!

  3. What a lovely post! I love the contrast of the then and now. And the age of your traveling companions is so perfectly FUN --- enjoy your times together!


  4. That is a gorgeous picture of the girls! They move away from the valley and just keep growing up. Beauties!

    Makes me want to look through my albums. I have some photos somewhere of a couple of the "big" birthday parties. I'll let you know if I find them!
    Nita Jo

  5. Anonymous13.8.08

    I loved your post. Kids grow up so fast don't they. What beautiful young girls they have become.

  6. The girls are beautiful...... I love those photos that are taken years after at the same spot....

    I have an old old photo of my X (spit lol) and his sister when he was about 7, sitting on a little humpty dumpty at a park in Bognor Regis.... and then years later when my Ben and Tom where about 6 and 4 I have a photo of them sitting on the same humpty, only it had been painted by then..... its not there now...

    love this post....... my Jacob says your girls are GORGEOUS lol


  7. I am loving all your new photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  8. fun walks down memory lane- your photos aare always full of such richness..sandy


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