Sibling Assignment #72: Advice to The Princess

Here is The Princess at Christmas, a few weeks ago on vacation, at the prom... and of course a pose of her dog Sadie.

This sibling assignment came from Silver Valley Girl. Today she will be escorting her daughter the Princess to Coeur d'Alene to begin her freshman year at North Idaho College.
"Since The Princess will be moving into her dorm room at NIC on Sunday, August 24th, let's post some advice, memories, information that could help her as she begins her first semester of college." You will soon fine Silver Valley Girl's here and Raymond Pert's is here.

Top Ten Things To Remember As You Begin College Tomorrow
10. A highlighter is to highlight important concepts in the text... not create a lovely art project to keep you awake while studying.
Make sure you are alert when you get to class.... head bobbing, snoring, and drooling are not attractive no matter how cute you are!
8. When in doubt about anything... ask.
When someone begs you to write a paper for them because they know you are skilled at English.... give them a copy of Green Eggs and Ham to turn in ...especially if their name is Sam.
6. When you are stressed, tired, and overwhelmed and in doubt of what to do.... go to class anyway.
5. Find a Bible study group, read your Bible, and pray.
4. Take time each day to enjoy the beauty of the setting at NIC. Take a walk, sit on the beach, and enjoy the outdoors.
3. Remember... everyone that cares about you deeply is only a phone call or email away 24-7.
2. Reflect on your blessings every day.
1. Be proud of what you have accomplished in the first chapter of your life.
We are all behind you cheering you along the way. You go girl!


  1. Well, see, now: I'm from Coeur d'Alene. I have different advice for her. I'll have to get it all together. Later.

  2. sallyacious25.8.08

    As an adjunct faculty member at a university who spends most of her classroom time with freshmen, I would add:

    There are going to be ideas that rock your entire world. You will be faced with things that scare you. That's a good thing. It's how you approach them that shapes who you are. Stay true to the core of you and you'll be fine."

    Also, don't text in class. It annoys your instructors.

  3. Embrace it all and treasure it - it goes by very quickly but is an exhilarating,independent, growing time !!!!sandy


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