Sibling Assignment # 71: 71 Significant Word Associations in My LIfe

This week we are doing our 71st sibling assignment. In honor of that number the assignment is to write about something that has to do with the number 71. You will find Raymond Pert’s here and Silver Valley Girl’s here soon. Today I will share 71 significant word associations in my life.

1. dill: Grandma Woolum’s cellar

2. kitchen wall: black cherry Shasta pop

3. glass door: stitches in my arm

4. ice skating: Elk Creek Pond

5. library: Nancy Drew

6. classroom: crayons

7. rat: Patches

8. Over the Rainbow: Judy Garland

9. spit curls: pink hair tape

10. hot weather: banana Twin Pop Popsicle

11. brother: Ripley’s Believe It or Not

12. sister: Winnie the Pooh

13. cookbook: Betty Crocker

14. raspberries: Grandma West

15. smell of river: Beaver Dam

16. Mom: breast cancer survivor

17. Dad: 49ers

18. Moscow: The I Tower

19. blog: connections

20. students: joy

21. nieces: laughs

22. fear: caterpillars

23. brown: homemade brownies

24. fashion: bell bottoms and halter tops

25.Thanksgiving potluck: creamed onions

26. Aunt Ruth: baked beans

27. spring: lilacs

28. pine trees: Camp Neewahlu

29: high school: Wildcats

30. 6th grade: water color

31. Orofino: bumblebees

32. teachers: memorable

33. red paper: Valentine’s Day

34. winter: hot chocolate

35. sobbing: Love Story

36. laughing hysterically: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

37. healthy: dark chocolate and red wine

38. fall: burning leaves

39. love: JEJ
40. Lake Roosevelt: beauty

41. Huckleberries Online: entertaining

42. album: Tapestry

43. camera: cedar groves

44. camping: bacon frying

45. dog: Nikki

46. guilty pleasure: bakery doughnut

46. concert: James Taylor

47. stage: Wallace Melodrama

48. song: Don’t Rain on My Parade

49. travel: Pacific Northwest

50. country: Scotland

51. wish: trip to Oregon Coast

52. peace: Jesus

53. Kellogg: childhood

54. Kellogg 2: Dave Smith car land

55. Christmas: spritz

56. smell: coffee

57. fresh fruit: cherries

58. writing: memoir

59. reading: poetry

60. classroom: creative minds

61. England: Marmite Toasty

62. Center of the Universe: Starr

63. roses: JBelle

64. magazine: Real Simple

65. collection: watering cans

66. garden: tranquility

67. poet: Mary Oliver

68: novelist: Anna Quindlen

69. rerun T.V.: Without a Trace

70. family: acceptance

71. siblings: inspirational

Please continue to join us for next 71 sibling assignments!


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  2. 71 very cool words!

  3. I hope you can believe this: #2 is my runaway favorite. It really made me laugh!


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