A Show To Remember at the 6th Street Theater : Phantoms of the Melodrama- Footprints Under The Stairs

Here is my sister Silver Valley Girl and her husband serenading each other during Kelly's Alley Revue at the Wallace Sixth Street production last Sunday.

On Sunday I had the pleasure of enjoying an afternoon of outstanding entertainment at the 6th St.Theater in Wallace, Idaho. The Phantoms of the Melodrama was an original play written for this theater and brought back for the 25th anniversary year. It was written by Pat Grounds and this summer directed by my sister Silver Valley Girl. She also plays the villain Secret Warbley in the play. She looks a bit evil here. Boo Hiss!! You can read the post on her blog about the melodrama here. The last week of performances start this Wednesday evening and go through to the last Sunday matinee on August 24th. If you live in the inland empire and want an evening/afternoon filled with fun entertainment, go here for more information. It is definitely a show worth driving to Wallace to see!The cast performs the melodrama, which is followed by Kelly's Alley Revue, a mix of singing, dancing, and hijinks! Above is Silver Valley Girl doing a rousing rendition of "Second Hand Rose."I don't want to give up too much of the show... but this was a thrilling moment for my mom when she was asked to dance by a dashing young man!!
...and what is this?? You will have to come to the show and see this song and dance number live to find out. Bravo to the cast for a grand performance! Bravo!


  1. Oh! That looks like it was so much fun. I love the pictures of SVG and her adorable husband (no... not saying that just because he's a relative!)
    It's a sweet picture! I would love to have a copy.

    Thanks for brightening my day!
    Nita Jo

  2. That looks like such a fun show. Unfortunately, it's a little bit too far to drive from my particular southern California Inland Empire (it always throws me for a loop for just a moment, when you mention your northern Inland Empire - "Hmm, I should go see it - oh wait! It's not THIS Inland Empire!" :)
    Congratulations to the cast members on their theatrical success!

  3. looks like great great funn sandy


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