Photography 101: Simple Beauty at the Refuge

dragonfly visitor
Oregon grape hues small wonders
glowing in the grass

after the rain
shiny red birch bark


  1. I don't remember ever seeing red birch before. It's beautiful!

  2. killer dragonfly shot! :) high brow/brilliant on the AM.

  3. I think your "glowing i the grass" is Wooly Mullein. I have been seeing a lot of it along the roads lately--must be the season.

    Years ago when the kids were young we camped in a state park in Oregon and the kids did their junior ranger program. One of the activities was to find a wildflower, draw a picture of it and give it a name. While his sisters and brother were naming things like purple jumping star flower, son #1 chose Wooly Mullein and named it "George."


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