Monday, Monday: GPS, DISH, and Loading Up the Logs

We have had an ongoing problem that has involved our satellite dish for a few weeks. Fortunately it only effected local channels on one TV. When the first very nice technician came the power had just gone off. He did what he could, but it was fruitless if his adjusting did anything, because we couldn't turn the T.V. on. It took until today for another technician to be scheduled.
Early this morning I got a call from a polite sounding man about the repair trip.
"Your house does not show up on my GPS tracker. Are you sure that is your house address?"
I explained about rural addresses. He then inquired, "How far is it from Post Falls, Idaho to Kettle Falls, Washington?"
I explained about two and a half hours, then he filled me in that he was flown in from California to do work in my area. He was given a GPS tracker and hoped he could find the way. I asked if he had a map, but he assured me that he had GPS.
I suggested he call if he got lost. I also tried to explain that I really didn't live in the Kettle Falls, but across Lake Roosevelt, in a different county, and up a state highway, and through some county roads that weren't very well marked.
About two and a half hours went by and I got another call from the technician. He was concerned because the GPS showed that the wildlife refuge road was closed. I once again gave him directions to get him closer. I gathered up the animals and watched the driveway for him to arrive. He called three more times. He had missed our road and ended up taking a beautiful scenic drive south on Lake Roosevelt. I sent my own GPS tracker JEJ after him and after a few more bumps in the road, his van arrived escorted by my husband's pick-up. Now we only live one street off the county road, but to a guy from a city in California that was subjected to rural northeastern Washington, it was a struggle.

His repair took ten minutes. I knew it would be simple. I said, "I hope you have other jobs up this way after making this long drive."
He did have lots of orders. Fortunately they were at apartments in the town of Kettle Falls. He left with a bright smile on his face and said he loved the lake, our view, and the area. What a positive guy!We thought after that whole ordeal our Monday would calm down. Not a chance. Next came the call from the guy who fell our trees last week. "We are on our way with the logging truck" . Would a logging truck even fit through our gate or through the driveway? We moved vehicles, once again gathered up animals just in time to hear the roar of the logging truck. He made it through the gate, got himself turned around, and I finally got to see just how they loaded big logs on a truck. I had to grab my camera and catch some photo images.
What a day. It was only 1:00! What else could happen? This is quite a bit of excitement for us country folks on a Monday in August. Usually the highlight of our day is when the mail lady comes or a different dog is barking down the road. Yikes!


  1. at least it gives you some fun blogging fodder!

  2. What a day! It's nice you got a "happy" technician after all that.

    Oh, I love the pictures below of your wedding garden. The new sitting area looks so restful.

  3. It did give me blogger fodder. Thank goodness today has been calmer. With the temperatures as hot as they are, I don't think I could handle much else. lol

  4. Oooh, this brings back memories of living out in the middle of no where! It honestly took thirty minutes to drive the ten miles from town to house. Of course, now they've paved it and a million people have moved in, so it only takes 15 or so minutes to get to town. But there are days when I remember what it was like growing up there and dream to myself of moving out into the true country.


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