Extreme Hall Makeover, Going Green, and Mohammad Ali

Today I went to set up my classroom at school. I got to haul in baskets, tubs, and and a crate of stuff I had at home over the summer. I really like the extreme makeover that happened in our hallway.

Some of my former students were hired to work at the school this summer. The girls painted a gorgeous mural in the middle of the hall. R.M. did a fine job with the Inchelium Hornet painted nicely in our school colors. I decided to "go green" this year with water bottles. I have a water cooler in my classroom for two reasons. Students don't have access to a drinking fountain and the water is not very tasty in the faucet because of old pipes. We used to go through lots of cups in a year. I decided we will start the year with everyone having their own water bottle. It makes such a difference when students stay hydrated!
I found my older Mohammad Ali READ poster I have had for many years. I think my students will enjoy seeing him a few years younger and also reading this book with a teddy bear. He is a hero to many. As I left to go home waaaaaaaay too late I noticed that this hallway will wake me up and brighten my days this school year. This deserted, quiet hall will be filled with activity and noise on Tuesday. Change always happens in any institution. My friend and principal decided in August to take early retirement after a scary car accident the day of graduation in June. My teaching partner will now be principal for most of the day, but will teach science in our middle school hall in the afternoon. I think the transition will work well for the students since they have already built relationships with their new principal. Tuesday will be here before we know it.


  1. Have a great year! Ali was certainly a lightning road for controversy...and perhaps only became truly understood later on in his life. Who would have thought that a boxer could have an opinion and a conviction? Go Figure.

  2. Wish I had a little kid in your class.

  3. What a bright and cheerful mural.
    Wishing you a fun three-day weekend - and a great new school year!

  4. Have a great school year! I know I don't need to say have fun....That'll happen all by itself =)

  5. good for you i think that shows a caring teacher sk

  6. Thanks for all your well wishes. I will not be able to sleep tonight as I anticipate another first day of school. You would think after all these years it would easier!! I still get a bit nervous!!


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