The Cousins Are Visiting!

Silver Valley Girl and her family did a stopover last night enroute to the Grand Coulee Dam area today. Their dogs Peaches and Sadie get to stay with us for a couple of days. Our dogs just love it when the cousins come to visit! Sadie was worn out after trying to keep up with her country cousins today. There is just so much to see and smell at our house!She was trying to figure out if this was a new pond or a country water trough for dogs!Peaches has been here numerous times before and fortunately has stayed out of the pond so far!
"I'd like you all to meet my cousin Sadie!" barked Shelby."You can tell we are cousins because we are close to the same color!"
When their family drove off today Peaches and Sadie were a bit sad. They watched the driveway for awhile hoping the family would remember to come back and get them.


  1. Peaches takes Sadie aside and confides: I sure hope blue ribbon boy Snug won't be here.

  2. Peaches and Sadie are lucky to have such good accomodations while their parents are away. We only have one relative who could take care of Mosby and Roscoe and he's not really reliable for anything other than one or two days. So, the poor little guys have been dragged almost 30,000 miles as we go between here and Michigan and back about four times every year.


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