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It had been a long time since we had gone to a garage sale. Friday R Gardens Company right up the road used part of their warehouse for a huge garage sale. We loaded up, stopped and picked up our neighbor and got there as soon as it opened. We found those items you can't resist at a garage sale... Christmas snowmen, a great cart on wheels, and lovely pitchers. I glanced at a chaise but lots of people were around it and it was heaped with bedspreads and pillows.

Later that day I starting thinking about the chaise again. It had looked so comfortable. I couldn't remember the color or the price. That evening I asked JEJ if we could return in the morning and check out that chaise. He figured it would have been sold. He wondered where we would put it.

Back we went to check out the chaise in the morning. It was there. It was in beautiful shape and oh so comfy! The price was more than I wanted to pay. The color did not match anything in the house... but I was so drawn to that chaise. I actually dickered with the owner for a lower price. We loaded up the 60.00 chaise and brought it home. After an extreme furniture moving makeover, we found a spot that worked for our new addition.The color is hard to describe. It is a bit of a '70s blend of avocado and gold. In the light it looks a bit more like a bright olive color. It really doesn't match anything else in the room.... but...
if you add a few pillows you can pull it together with the rest of the room....
and add a throw to blend the greens together a bit. It is certainly a perfect spot to blog, read, or rest. It will be a fine place for visiting nieces to sleep... or a visiting sibling to nap!
The chaise got the true test when Annie and Shelby decided to check it out to see how comfortable it really was.
Will we both fit on this with room to spare? Where is IEG and is it okay if we sit here? Oooops.....caught in the act! They both gave it the comfort seal of approval. Now I guess I will need to move the dogs, pillows, laptop, and throw so I can finally check it out while I "rest my eyes".

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  1. It fit in well and with dogs superb sk

  2. I'm envious. It looks like just the sort of comfortable furniture I'd like to have in the living room to relax and read and write.


  3. Lol! What a great post. Glad Annie and Shelby gave the chaise a thumbs (paws?) up... it certainly looks comfy!

  4. That is a gorgous chaise, color aside, and those two dogs crack me up! What a fun post--you made my day.
    p.s. Glad you persevered!

  5. IEG: You can always turn it into a bed for the pups when you tire of it.

  6. What a fun post! I think you got yourself a great find there - it looks super comfy. But, I must admit, if I were there relaxing on it, I'd be MUCH more comfy with the dogs to cuddle with on it too ;-)

  7. Your chaise does look extra comfy! If I had such a thing, I'd have to fight off my cats to lie on it; they lay claim to all the cushy places!

    Cute dogs!

  8. Now that looks very comfy. Your dogs are just adorable!

  9. I think it was meant to be yours.. sometimes I am drawn back to something time and time again and in the end I think...sod it... its suppose to be mine :) maybe thats why I have so much junk in my tiny house LOL

    And goodness, doesnt it look comfy :) just right for visiting foreigners LOL


  10. Annie and Shelby may just take over, and you'll never get a chance at it yourself. They're a cute pair.

  11. I think you just got yourself a new dog bed!!! They look too comfortable on it!

    If you would like to visit my Camera Critters, they are here and here.

  12. What a great find! A perfect spot to read, nap, or watch an old movie. Ahhh, I love yard sales!

  13. Thanks all of you for the encouragement. I am now glad I did make the purchase... the cats are now the ones that have been taking up residence.

  14. If it's like at our house, you'll have to move Annie and Shelby just to use it. My boys would love that.


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