Windstorm 2008: The Colville City Park

Pastor Shane lives right by the Colville City Park and captured these photo images last Thursday evening. I was there Friday and city workers were still cleaning up from the damage. This park is well-known for the clusters of evergreen trees that tower over the picnic areas, pool, and amphitheater. Here is a glimpse of how it looked after Windstorm 2008.It is hard to imagine wind strong enough to uproot trees with roots like these. This car was parked at a house next to the park. Thankfully people moved quickly out of the park and no injuries were reported.


  1. sallyacious15.7.08

    That must have been some wind. Makes me nervous, recalling the occasional house-shaking gusts we get here and the very very tall evergreens in my neighbor's yard.

  2. We had wind here as well, but nothing like this.

    The roots of evergreens are actually quite shallow in relation to their size. They usually entangle with the roots of neighboring trees to provide the support. But with winds like theese, you never know.

  3. I didnot beleive it either until I came through 3 hurricanes and the huge trees didn't

  4. reminds me of our january storm


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