Wind, No Power, and Fires North of Us

When Wind Storm 2008 hit our place in the afternoon Thursday it blew our flowering plum tree toward the house. We were able later to pull it back up. ( pictures to follow soon) The wind broke lots of branches and trees around our area. This pictures shows a new view we have from our deck. Fortunately the tree that blew down didn't damage anything when it feel. About the hour later the power went out. A tree knocked down the live wire up the county road from our house. When we called last they were predicting power by Sunday p.m. I had to leave this morning to come to Idaho so JEJ is home manning the house and property. Without power we are soon without water since our community system works with pumps from wells.

Along with the huge wind storm came fire. Fires broke out in many locations on both sides of Lake Roosevelt in Stevens and Ferry Counties. This is the smoke as you head north on Highway 395 past Kettle Falls toward Canada. The fire jumped the road and was burning on both sides in the brush. I believe two houses were burned. This is looking north on the bridge across Lake Roosevelt that divides Stevens and Ferry Counties. We feel blessed that we are safe. Reading at night by candlelight isn't so bad and a gas BBQ can heat up water for a great cup of coffee. Hopefully all the ice with keep our food cold and we will soon be able to water our parched plants.


  1. Good luck with all the clean up.

  2. Your post really helps fill in the blanks..I understand what's happening better with these fires better...JEJ made a good decision to stay, fire season is scary..

  3. We had so much smoke on Thursday - but I wasn't sure from where it was blowing.

    I can't help but think of all the birds and little animals that were injured or frightened and homeless. They don't understand.

    You stay safe, please.

  4. Oh I wish you continued safety. I hadn't realized you were close to fire dangers.

  5. Smoke from Eastern Washington fires (apparently yours is not the only area--I've been out of touch) drifted to Sunrise on Mt. Rainier. Vistors mentioned smelling it. My nose is not that keen and I've had a cold, but there was definitely a haze.

  6. I was soooo happy to come home from Seattle and see your post. So glad you are safe and that all the animals are accounted for. Spokane has had a terrible time and we have friends who lost house and friends who kept houses at the very last minute.

  7. Wow!
    I'm not going to gripe about the heat for the rest of the month.

    Good luck with the power, cleanup and continued safety.

    Hope everything goes well,
    Troy and Martha

  8. Wow, we miss so much being on the other side of the country. Didn't know about your big storm or the fires in your area. I hope you didn't have too much damage.


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