Ten Mile Road Trip With Z2

Today my niece Z2 and I did a photography ten mile road trip around our area. Both of us spent time trying different things with our cameras and tried to capture unique pictures.

When we arrived at French Rock boat launch/beach we discovered a pond had been created since last we were there.

A group pulled in to the dock while we were taking pictures.
Next we went to Barnaby Campground and Z2 concentrated on some closeup pictures here.
Here I caught an image of the beach through two trees. Next we headed up the hill toward Lake Ellen. We stopped at the top and had fun taking more pictures. Here she is taking photo images of Lake Roosevelt from up above. Next we drove to Lake Ellen. It is a small, but very picturesque lake. I always love taking pictures there. It was so quiet and peaceful there today. A few people were fishing on the shore, but nobody was in the water. Bliss.
We then did some close-ups and here is a serviceberry branch. We ended up at the east end of the lake where we ended our photo session. It was a fun road trip. Z2 will have lots of pictures to share with the family when she goes home tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful series of photos! The area is gorgeous!

  2. Agree with Michele; What is so amazing about visiting other's blogs is that one is vicariously transported to areas all over the world. I also wanted to thank you for voting on "Happy Grooming." The winners are Judi Dench and Donald Sutherland. I hope you enjoy the latest, "Wayworn Home" and the weekend! Petra :))

  3. I'll just add my praise to the others. One of the things I love about your page is the abundance of photos.

  4. These photos and the ones below are wonderful! You live in a beautiful place! :)

  5. Thanks for all the kind words. I do live in a place that lends itself to beautiful pictures. You are right Petra... I love being transported to those other places.

  6. I keep thinking I'm going to take a road trip up there --
    (price of Ga$ is discouraging)

    We planted a serviceberry in our yard - to attract robins and waxwings (so far I haven't seen them flocking to it, but I've seen blue bird droppings, so some birds are eating them)

    Lovely shots -- all of them

  7. What a lovely road trip! Thanks for sharing so I can visit vicariously through you!

  8. What a fun idea to take a photo road-trip. It's great to have someone to do that with. I like the name of that lake...Lake Ellen hmmm.


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