Straightening the Tree and No Power: Part 2

I am happy to report that the power came on yesterday about 2:30 p.m. Thanks for the many kind words of concern about our situation. Things are calming down up our way. Since I am away from home I was thrilled that JEJ got the wireless and the TVs working and stored food came out of the coolers without a hitch. I'll bet those clothes that were on rinse cycle when the power went out are extra clean now. JEJ decided Thursday evening that he could straighten the flowering plum back up that was leaning against the house. When you are without power you always need to project to help pass the time. The question as you look through the series of photos might be how many pets does it take to supervise the tree project? Of course I was the photographer!!Kit wanted to make sure the towline was secure.He rode on the top to help navigate the truck.

Foreman Finny and assistant Kit gave the thumbs up on the tree straightening project!With a brace now helping the tree to stay upright JEJ thinks it is straighter than it was originally.Shelby was pleased with a job well-done, but was glad her crew boss job was done so she could jump out and get back to being a dog. Lily stayed out the way, but gave her approval after the job was done from her post on the old dog kennel.McDuff guarded the hose just in case we needed to some extra water for the tree. What a team effort by all!


  1. Looks like you had a very reputable crew working for you! Glad to see your tree standing upright again.

  2. I like how the cats are helping -- pretty though .sk

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