Photos and Poem of Summer Storm

As the weather cooled a bit this evening we watched the day turn from sunny and hot, to cloudy and sultry, to a beautiful pink. It was an amazing transformation. The thunder and lightening made lights flicker and Annie shiver, but the rain provided a bit of relief from temperature above one hundred degrees.

Then across the sky a rainbow appeared.

Summer Storm

The air is heavy, still, and waiting;

Slow-moving, white clouds are captured

By dark, angry clouds that look menacing.

A storm is on its way.

Birds, animals turn for shelter in bushes and trees.

Lightning streaks through the sky, count to ten;

The roar and rumble of thunder, children hide under beds.

It's angels in heaven bowling, have no fear;

Clouds open, cooling rain pours down, storm has passed.

Animals come out to drink, birds sing,

In the sky a beautiful rainbow is cast.

The drought is over, our prayers ring

Our thanks to God for His gift for our thirst.

Water for every growing and living being,

This scorching, hot, dry summer was the worst.

God sees, God hears, God knows and takes care

Of His creations in His way and time.

Virginia J. Brady


  1. Anonymous1.7.08

    such a nice blog.

    berto xxx

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  3. wonderful pictures! Love the sequence of the storm.

  4. Oh I really do love the transformations in the weather in your photos.
    We had quite a thunder and lightning show last night... some nasty flooding as well.

  5. We had a thunderstorm while camping on Sunday night. We were just finishing the s'mores when we heard faint rumblings in the distance. "I think I hear thunder" said one. We talked of the angels bowling. Getting a bit louder and the rain came. All rushed for shelter, and later, when some of the shelter failed to keep out the rain some went for the car. G kept the campfire going through it late. Not sure why as we were all in tents and trailer. Maybe he thought it would be over soon and that there was promise of more marshmallows. For three hours it raged. Flash--count one two three...nine--boomboomboom. Nine miles? I was told last night that you divide by two. 4½ miles, then? I am glad I didn't know that you divide by two when some came Flash--count onetwo--boomboombooooooomboom!

  6. I loved your descriptions with the pictures. It was incredibly lyrical.

  7. I enjoy watching changes in the weather like these and the rainbow was a lovely end to your series of photos.


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