Photo Hunt: Hanging

On a camping trip yesterday we came across ripe serviceberries hanging on branches just waiting to be picked. Tasting the juicy berries took my husband back to childhood and memories of picking them this time of year. Here is a cluster of berries close up.

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  1. wow - how nice to come across these! :)

  2. What a wonderful find to come across in the woods. I always love to find berries that I recognize growing in the wild.

  3. Cool shots. I was thinking about the same type thing for the theme but most of the smaller wild berries around have been eaten by the birds and the wild fruit type berries haven't matured fully yet.

    Good choice for the theme. I envy you just being able to pick a few off the plant for a tasty treat.


  4. simple, wild, beautiful. this, combined your one of your previous posts of neruda, reminded me of his 'ode to a lemon.' here's the part that always tarts my tongue and makes me crave the lemon in a fresher, sweeter way.

    from "Ode to a Lemon" by Pablo Neruda

    Cutting the lemon
    the knife
    leaves a little cathedral:
    alcoves unguessed by the eye
    that open acidulous glass
    to the light; topazes
    riding the droplets,
    aromatic facades.


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