Our Place Through The Lens of Z2's Camera

Z2 took a whole series of pictures outside the last few days during her stay here. This is a view from the trellis entering a garden path.
She captured the vivid orange of this lily.

Speaking of Lily.... Z2 must have been the cat whisperer to get this shy cat to pose here.
I love Lily's golden eyes in this evening shot.
More images of the orange lilies,

and yellow,
and back to this tangerine color. I love the closeup of Annie. The contrast of pink and green is lovely.I also love this geranium bloom color.

Iris posed in the computer chair on the lap blanket my grandmother made. Here is the photographer with a self portrait she took of herself.


  1. Nice pics Z2. I sure do miss you. I can't believe it will be another week until I see you. Hope you are having a great time. I love you.

  2. Gosh, the Lilies are awesome. The close ups are done perfectly! I love the yellow one ...
    Annie's close up made me giggle... that's adorable!!
    What a great series of photos... well done!

  3. Your place looks great. So much in bloom. Z2 did a great job photographing it and I love her self portrait.

  4. my favorite is that cat on the afghan.

  5. Yes, my niece is quite the talent with the camera. The yellow lilies were her favorite also.


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