House Guest for This Week

We have a special house guest this week. My niece Z2 came home from Kellogg with me to stay this week. Today is her 14th birthday. The dogs just love having Z2 with us and we did a birthday photo session with the dogs this afternoon. Annie posed nicely with the birthday girl. It was impossible to get both dogs to cooperate at the same time.
After Shelby kissed Z2 about ten times we gave up and Z2 went back to reading her new birthday book. I am sure the dogs will be back soon for another round of undivided attention.


  1. Flowers to right are lovely - bring those dogs to Critters Sunday camera Critters lov ers

  2. Tell beautiful Z2 I'm sending her a belated birthday HUG! 14! Wasn't she just a little girl yesterday? Love the pictures!


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