Here Are The Answers to the Questions: What Was It and Where Was It?

Here are the answers to my Photo Hunt blog post here. Marmite Toasty had the most creative answer: a weather map over my area. Most of you were close. Yes, it was a rock.
It was located at French Rock boat launch and beach just south of my house where we went to take pictures the other day.
Along the parking lot there has been a collection of large rocks placed as a border. I was looking for wildflowers for pictures and spotted this rock.
Here is a picture that is a bit bigger. The colors are what caught my eye at first, then I saw how the different colors created the image of the face. I thought it looked like a dog or a wolf. Others thought is could have been a bear, horse, or dragon. I do believe it is a metamorphic rock. That is what is found around Lake Roosevelt, but you geology buffs out there may know more than I do! Now.... here is the weird thing. I went back today to get a better picture of the whole rock. I could not find that specific rock with that picture. I looked up and down the rocks. I don't know if the sun was shining different on it or if it walked away!!! Very weird.
Thanks for guessing. I may have to do another post on "What Is It?"


  1. I missed the guessing game - but yes, it DOES look like a wolf to me too!
    Wonder where he wandered off to...

  2. The way the picture was, I thought it was much bigger!

  3. Nice to see the whole rock. It is an interesting one. I have a thing about rocks. I love them almost as much if not more than plants.

  4. This is so cool. I'm glad I was not the only one seeing images in the rock. Actually in this more complete view I could see at least 2 images.

    Then when I opened the picture in a full view I had to laugh. Yet another image. What did I see? A face that reminds me of Caspar the Friendly Ghost, though he did not look quite so friendly as usual, lol. Actually he looked rather menacing.

  5. But it IS the same rock. Look again at the left side, and you'll see your wolf (which I think is a horse!).


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