Happy Birthday Silver Valley Girl and JEJ

It is so fun to have my husband and sister share the same date for their birthdays. I just wish we could all be together this year. Silver Valley Girl will be celebrating her birthday in Kellogg with friends and family. This collage captures some of the things she loves in life. The pictures starting at the far left are as follows: her husband PKR, Milo, daughter Z2, daughter Kiki Aru, Silver Valley Girl herself posing in the kitchen, her first birthday, her dog Peaches, the blogging siblings posing for a Christmas card, and her daughter The Princess.
JEJ will have a quiet celebration here at home with just the two of us and his favorite foods. One of things we have enjoyed doing is road trips around the area with our dogs and the digital camera. Here is a collage of favorite flowers, a beautiful sky shot, and places we have enjoyed in our travels. May the next year be filled with more adventures, red roses blooming, the smell of lilacs, lots of photos, beautiful sky shots from the deck, road trips, treats along the way, and lots of laughs. Happy Birthday JEJ!

Here is a special birthday song for the two of you:


  1. lovely collages! Happy birthday to both!

  2. That special birthday song is a riot! I love the pictures, especially the one of SVG in her kitchen. The roses and lilacs are lovely. Drop by my "place" sometime and see my picture of Grandpa's "Lilac Tree".


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