Finnegan Returns Again!

Finnegan is our strangest cat. He often disappears for days and sometimes weeks on end. We do this routine each day. "Have you seen Finny?" "No,have you?" We have no idea when he goes when he disappears. Sometimes we think he just runs around down the hill during the day, then comes back to eat at night. Last summer we thought he had a girlfriend across the street that he hung out with. I hadn't seen Finny since I arrived home from my trip. Neither had JEJ. This evening when I was out by the greenhouse, I heard meowing. There was Finny in the greenhouse window. He always appears like he has never been gone. He always wants a can of cat food. After talking to him and feeding him the other cats surrounded him like the long lost relative that had come to visit.

He always moves to the dry food for dessert. Finnegan always seems healthy. He is a bit skinny, but has always been. It is days like today I wish my cat could talk. I'll bet he would have some wild adventures to share. For now, I am glad Finnegan has returned again!


  1. I often wonder whree cats go when they wander off like that - great that he seems to be able to take good care of himself when he's away!

  2. I had one cat like that and I found out where he was hanging out he could always see us . I get nervous when they leave..Sigh

  3. I suppose this is part of the reason I have an indoor cat.

    He's a beauty.


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