Changing The Landscape, Part 1: One Tree at a Time

We love the pine trees that surround our property. During Windstorm 2008 we watched a few of them sway enough to make us consider removing a few more trees. Also, we are continuing with our goal of making our place safer in case of fire. JEJ found a guy that would take down the trees and haul them for free if he could have the logs. It worked for us. Today DH changed the landscape of our property.

Before they began Kit heard there was a big, yellow cat in the yard and he came out to investigate. My important job (while not taking photos) was to secure all animals in the house. This tree was the biggest one to come down. We were concerned because it had to fall between a light pole and another tree. Timber and a perfect landing! DH knew what he was doing! The second tree came down easily and I even caught it as it was falling to the driveway.
All it takes is the sound of a chainsaw or the running of a cat to bring other guys from the neighborhood to see if they can help. The whole crew gathered around this tree in the garden to figure out where it would fall.
Here JEJ is running the chainsaw on the last tree to fall.
The guys gathered around after this last tree went down to solve the problems of the world.
DH moved the slash into a big pile, but JEJ's work is certainly just beginning. Next we wait for the logging truck to come and load the logs.

I fulfilled my duties by keeping the animals in although Annie wasn't too happy here. I also got lots of photos and JEJ presented me with a lovely pine cone cluster that he knew I would want to photograph.

I love the shiny texture of cones fresh off the tree.


  1. Boys and toys thats all I can say LMFAO...... big a big toy into the garden and the boys come out of the woodwork to have a butchers....

    Great photos......


  2. Anonymous1.8.08

    Your little dog looks so sad. I loved all of the pictures but it must be hard to see your trees go. There was a potential beetle disease in our area so the city went around chopping all of the trees down. It looked so bare, but now they have replanted, and things are getting back to looking nice again.

  3. marmite... I think guys have radar in these parts to the sound of a chainsaw. lol
    charlie and me...after I raked pine needles for about five hours the other day it wasn't so hard to say good-bye to the trees. We still have plenty left.

  4. Those pine cones are beautiful. I can almost smell the pine from here. And poor Annie, she looks so sad...

  5. This reminds me of the trees we had removed at our Michigan cabin during our last trip there. I'm hoping that before we go back the next time I'll finally get the cabin tour photos and photos of our tree removal posted. It's amazing how they can drop those trees exactly where they want them.


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