Camera Critters: What Shelby Loves About Camping

On our recent camping trip I finally got some good shots of our Australian Cattle Dog Shelby. Shelby is always on alert and ready to go whenever, wherever. She is tougher to get good pictures of because she doesn't stay very still. Her favorite thing to do is take a walk along the creek. Her look of admiration for JEJ shows lovingly in this shot.She also loves wading in Sherman Creek and learning squirrel obsession from her buddy Annie. To find other Camera Critters go here.

Camera Critters


  1. Each shot is wonderful. Shelby is gorgeous.

  2. These are great pictures- ialways am so touched by dogs waiting.....ibeati

  3. What a beautiful dog. My cockerspaniel loves to try and play with the squirrels, sadly they don't oblige.

  4. Aww... we just went on a little family camping trip ourselves- my little sis, her man, her co-worker and her man, and of course Tonydaddy, Jameson and myself.
    We were waaaay out in the boonies- dunno if you're familiar with the McGee Ranger Station (I believe it is technically Shoshone County) but we were about 15 miles past even that, right next to a little trickle off the Cd'A River.
    What a fantastic trip it was... I never feel as close to God as I do in the great outdoors; it really puts things in perspective for me, as well as reminding me just how tiny I am in the scope of things.
    And being with family just makes it all the sweeter.
    I hope your trip was as richly rewarding- with dogs as cute as those ones, at the very least I bet you spent a lot of your time being amused by their antics!

  5. What a fantastic post with great photos! I'm in love with your dogs ;-) I can't get over how much she reminds me of my boss's cattle dog!


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