The Brillante Award

Thanks so much I Beati for this award. Yesterday I think I could have awarded it to my niece Z2 for her brilliant pictures taken around my place. I want to give this award right back at you today I Beati.
I Beati's blog is a place that makes you laugh, think, appreciate beauty, and laugh some more. Her blog is a collection of pictures, thoughts of the day, jokes, personal stories, and she loves her critters as much as I do!! She focused on the blessings of the day whether the day is sunny or gloomy. You once again deserve this Brillante Award!! Visit her blog here.

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  1. Hello, and thank you so very much for your kind words. I love the homey feel of your blog. And, yes, Sandy's blog is all that you say in your post. I can't help but enjoy each and every aspect of it!
    It was very nice meeting you. Have a wonderful day! Petra :))


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