All Summer Lily Mix: A Cure for the Dog Days of Summer Blues

Planning bloom times is a challenge for flower gardeners. When I used to just plant annuals I was safe because usually something was in full bloom. When I first tried bulbs and perennials I was just happy when things came back the second year and bloomed again.I have tried recently to pick plants that have different bloom times. I hate it when you have June glorious roses to nothing until the mums bloom in September. Last fall I ordered a set of lilies called " All Summer Lily Mix." It was a mix of lilies that had different bloom times so they just overlapped each other. I have loved not having all my lilies bloom in the same week and then be done. This mix has really worked out. I started having blooms in late June and they are advertised to bloom until September. I don't know the names of any of the specific lilies pictured here.These blooms are perfect subjects for my photography 101 sessions I have been trying squeeze in each day as I learn how to do different things with my camera.I found this lily mix in the van Bourgondien catalog. You can find it online at www.dutchbulbs.com.This photo was taken by my niece Z2 during her stay here recently. I think we can survive the dog days of summer with these flowers greeting us each day.


  1. Dang great photos! Your photos are always the best. I personally like the star lilly. It has a great bouquet (in the Silver Valley it is called smell HA!)

  2. Thanks so much... I have really been working at trying to do more than just point and shoot. When Silver Valley Girl's daughter/my niece Z2 was here was spent time taking photos. She has quite an eye for pictures and is much more patient than I am. Ha!

  3. Oh wow... these are amazing. Beautiful close up. Details are perfect and the colors are truly stunning!
    Mountain Retreat Photos

  4. Thanks Michele... I sure enjoyed the lastest photos on your blog this morning!


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